"...thank you for the wonderful work you did at our event.  You made the process so easy for all of us and the outcome was amazing.  I look forward to future opportunities of working with you!"
-- Helena Kuly, Juniper Networks
"THANK YOU, THANK YOU for your work yesterday.  You did a wonderful job of capturing the conversations throughout the day and the images were terrific.  It was clear that the participants were inspired by what you were able to do.  It made a big difference in the success of the day.
     Equally important, you were a pleasure to get to know and work with.  You were calm, flexible, highly skilled, and fun.  We were lucky to have you with us."
-- Bob Johnson, Conversant

Why use graphic recording?

Most of us are visual learners. Seeing what we say linked to visuals activates our brains in ways that involve us more deeply in a discussion, excite us into fuller participation in a group, and let us literally "see what we mean." Graphic recording gives picture to thought, shifting the brain into discovery mode and opening it up to solutions. Hand-drawn, grand scale and real-time, graphic recording is a great catalyst for heightening comprehension, enriching group activity and generating new ideas. Watching the visuals develop live is a powerful tool for consensus building, strategic planning, visioning, innovating -- or having any creative conversation. Graphic recording and illustration by Inkquiry Visuals is colorful, funny, insightful and conceptually rich. 


Where and how can graphic recording be used?

Brainstorming, planning and strategy sessions, workshops, retreats

• Greater participation – participants feel heard when they see their words, are stimulated to contribute more, are better listeners, and have greater investment in the outcome

• Enhanced engagement – participants understand and retain more of the content of the meeting

• Faster consensus-building – when everyone can “see what they mean,” it’s easier to agree

Conferences, keynotes, and seminars

• Better focus – a quick scan of the image helps participants connect with content and return their attention to the present

• Appreciation and retention – visuals stimulate recollection of what was said, both during the meeting and after

• Freedom from note-taking – attendees can simply snap a photo of the final images to have notes of the event

• Attendees will help you spread your message by sharing the images through social media outlets

After the event

• Create a gallery walk or tower or display the recordings in a common area to spark further discussion among attendees

• Bring non-attendees up to speed quickly on what they missed

•  Review/explain how ideas developed

•  Illustrate internal and external communications 

• Keep a long-term visual record of meetings’ achievements, outcomes, commitments

Added-value visual tools from InkquiryVisuals

• Visual agenda and other visual environments – engage participants and create a sense of possibility

• Templates – create more productive dialog with pre-formatted, customized visuals

• Timelines/history maps – describe the arc of your company’s development to identify problem areas, stimulate stewardship, celebrate progress/history

• Gameboards – customized visual pathways to lead your attendees through specific exercises


Lucinda – it was great working with you!  Your prep ahead of time ensured we conducted our session in such a way as to really capture the great ideas!"
-- Lynn Mertz, AARP