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What is graphic recording?

Graphic recording is a dynamic method of visual note taking for conferences, meetings, and team events. It helps attendees understand and retain information in an easily understandable and visually compelling way.

Why use graphic recording?

Most of us are visual learners. Seeing what is being said at important events heightens comprehension and activates the brain to engage in more meaningful discussion. This leads to deeper discovery, collaboration, and concrete solutions for you and your team.

Dynamically hand-drawn, large-scale, and done in real time, graphic recording by Inkquiry Visuals is a colorful, insightful, and a conceptually rich addition to any gathering.

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Where and how is graphic recording used?

Graphic recording complements any event, including:

  • Brainstorming, Planning, and Strategy sessions

  • Workshops and retreats

  • Conferences, keynotes, and seminars

Graphic recording at these events leads to greater participation, enhanced engagement, and better focus.

Participants can later use the visual notes from graphic recording to quickly review what was discussed and give those who were unable to attend a visually compelling overview.